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Join date: Oct 29, 2022


Finally have the courage and the money to probably join the next Philifur Convention in 2023. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

~ About me ~ Raccoon Lover... Like, I want one as a pet.

Rhythm game fanatic (Mostly VSRGs and Maimai) Racing game fanatic (Preferably with pedals and a wheel)

I cook a lot, and the only thing stopping me from not cooking is that ingredients are expensive (TAT '')

Accepted myself as a Furry back in 2020 although the art compelled me first like everyone that I know 😅

Male || Bisexual || Turning 19 next year so should be fun (' w')

Not Taken, college inspiration soon? . . . "I hope (- w-)"

Socials: <- From here you can access my YouTube <- You can access my osu! account <- You can add me on Discord (KudosK#8532) || FB and Reddit accounts are private || My Steam is open just ask ('w ')


PFP: The Raccoon:

I don't have a definitive OC yet cause I'm broke ;-; but I'll probably get one soon when saving up for the convention. (I might be able to get 8k - 10k from saving up my allowances starting January)



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