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Furry Brigade


January 19, 2023

  • The event is strictly PG-13.

  • The event harbors mutual respect to each attendees, partners, and the organizers. Please refrain to harass, assault, or cause harm to others.

    • Respect other's personal space by asking for their permission letting them know what you would like to do with them. (30 Sept 2022)

    • Ask for someone's permission before taking their photo or video. (30 Sept 2022)

    • Event-wide pictures and videos, with the intent of showing only the event, are implicitly allowed. Event-wide pictures with focus on individuals, identifiable or not, requires permission from the focused individuals. (30 Sept 2022)

  • Be mindful of the venue and avoid vandalizing any of their properties.

  • The organizers cannot be held liable for missing things that had been in your possession. Kindly use any check-in counters in the venue.

  • People under the influence is not allowed to attend the event as well as bringing illicit substances.

  • Weapons, firearms, or any personal protection (such as, and not limited to, pepper sprays, metal knuckles, etc.), concealed or not, are strictly not allowed within the halls and the premises. (20 Jan 2023)

    • Any effects found are required to be deposited with the guards on duty. Upon refusal of this request, the attendee can be refused entry or be evicted on the premises. (20 Jan 2023)

  • Prop items are needed to be checked before admitting.

  • All pets are allowed to be admitted to the event in the condition that their owners provide their own food and water, and cleaning after themselves. Pet diapers are required, as per the venue's rule. Personal responsibility is observed for both the owner and the pets (2 Sept 2022).

  • People who violated the Code of Conduct, the venue's rules, and/or the local government's rules and laws will be evicted from the event and prosecuted, if applicable.

    • Kindly report any Code of Conduct violations directly to any of the staff members. (30 Sept 2022)

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