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Furry Brigade


July 1, 2024

  • All items that are brought to the Lost and Found will need to have the time it was given, where it was found, who found it all written down. Once the information has been completed, have it placed somewhere safe within the booth.

  • In the case a child has become lost (do not panic), make sure to approach the child with caution and a calm demeanor then ask the following:

  • Ask the child where they last saw their parent/guardian

(if the child is unsure of where their guardian was last seen, ask them the following questions)

  • Do they need any help?

  • What is their name? (we will need to use this when announcing lost people)

  • Are they’re okay? (if not, reassure them)

  • If possible, try to get them to remember again where they last saw their guardian

  • If the parent or guardian doesn’t show up for the child in at least 10 minutes, inform staff immediately and request for another announcement

  • If no one shows up for the child during the entire duration of the event, notify staff so they can notify local authorities

  • In the case a parent has lost a child, make sure to ask the following:

  • When was the last time they saw their child?

  • Do they remember where they last saw their child?

  • If they are unsure to the first 2 questions, ask for their child’s name and request an announcement

  • If the child doesn’t come over to the booth to where the guardian is at or if the guardian returns stating they haven’t found the child, ask for the child’s description:

  • What’s their name?

  • How old are they?

  • What is their height?

  • What were they last seen wearing?

The following announcement should go as follows:

  • “We are looking for (child’s name), they’re a (child’s height then age) last seen wearing (child’s clothing description). If you see them around or outside the con venue please report it to the nearest staff or directly at the lost and found booth”

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