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Furry Brigade


July 1, 2024


What is a furry?

  • A furry is anyone who enjoys media or content that focuses on anthropomorphized animals – that means animals which have been given human features or characteristics. 

  • Some of these contents can come in the form of art, stories, games, and music just to name a few. Furries also engage in different activities that allow them to interact with the fandom, like attending conventions, rave parties, small-organized meetups, and so much more.

  • Fursuiting and Cosplay:

  • Fursuiting and cosplay both involve someone wearing a form of costume to imitate a character from the media or of their own creation, but that is where the similarities end. 

  • Cosplayers are generally more focused on imitating or bringing to life some of their favorite characters from movies, games, tv shows, anime, or comics, and are rarely seen cosplaying original characters they made themselves. 

  • Fursuiting on the other hand is more personal due to fursuiters bringing to life their own original characters (otherwise known as fursonas). 

  • These fursuits can cost up to as little as PHP35,000.00 and UP. However it is important that not all furries have to own a fursuit. You can be a furry simply by enjoying anthropomorphic characters.

Parents FAQ:

As a parent/guardian, am I required to buy a pass? Yes
  • All individuals age 16+ must purchase a ticket to gain access to the convention. 

  • Children under the age of 16 may enter for free, but must be accompanied by an adult who has purchased a ticket. 

  • Minors aged 16-17 are allowed to enter the event without a guardian as long as they have purchased a ticket

  • If a parent or guardian wishes to stay with their child/relative inside the con, they must also purchase a ticket.

  • Please note that a legal guardian has to be at least 18+ years old

  • Is this a family friendly event?

  • While PhiliFUR is a family friendly event, all our events and programs are marked as PG-13. 

  • During the convention, attendees will be given wrist bands that identify who are minors or adults. 

  • If the wrist band is tampered with, lost or damaged, it is required to purchase new wristbands if you wish to enter the venue again.

Waiting for your kid?
  • We understand that parents who come with their children might intend to wait around while their kids have fun, but we would like to encourage you as parents to join them while they interact with the spaces, events, and booths at the convention. 

  • If you would like to rest during all the festivities, there are plenty of public spaces outside the con grounds such as restaurants, cafes, or the mall.

  • Please note that if your child is under the age of 16 you are required to accompany them the entire time.

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